Lake Sonoma 50 Mile

First, in the Georgia Death Race, Ashley came home with a nice, rusty iron spike after she finished in just over 17 hours in a top-ten position. She finished with some busted toes after “kicking every rock in Georgia”, but was already running and skiing in the weeks following the race. This weekend, our friends […]

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Springtime in Oregon

Last week marked my first trip to Portland since November of last year. Last year, I visited Portland 4 times, and it’s starting to feel a bit like home. My great aunt Barbara lives in Portland (age 92!) and I always stay with her when I’m in town. Every time I visit, I’m shocked by […]

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My first blog post ever

I have considered archiving some of my thoughts into the servers of Silicon Valley for a while now. In this blog, I hope to tell stories of my adventures with Caley and running and traveling and give some honest* insights into my life. *Of course, “honest” is relative because this will live forever on the […]

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